Doll Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug red /gold 33cm

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Height is 33 cm. Handwork - an interior doll with porcelain elements.
Color:12_red, Золотой
Height:33 cm
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The real Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug holds a bag with gifts and a magic staff!

Remember whose image more quickly and accurately makes you feel like a holiday? Of course - Santa Claus!

If there is no such symbol at home, a good option is to invest in a high-quality figure, which can then be passed on from generation to generation. The ideal option is a doll the size of a garden gnome, which will move under the tree near the end of December, and before that it will be great to decorate the living room or peep out of the kitchen window.

Handmade doll is a symbol of the New Year, always an appropriate gift for both an adult and a child.

The wonderful elder symbolizes the beginning of a new period of life in which a fair Grandfather Frost will bring a gift to everyone.

A quality souvenir doll with porcelain elements will perfectly complement the New Year's interior.

Our dolls are handmade. We reserve the right to make changes to the appearance of the doll, while maintaining the overall style and meaning of the author’s idea.
The doll may be available or we will make it to order specifically for you.

Santa Claus is a kind plump wizard with a white beard. He lives in the city of Veliky Ustyug, in a house made of wood and glass. His granddaughter lives with himSnow Maiden and his assistants.

Santa Claus has relatives - his brothers:

Santa Claus lives in America

Per Noel lives in France,

Yelopukki lives in Finland.

There are other brothers, each of them carries out the same work in his own country - he brings gifts to good children for the New Year and ensures that the winter is right.

You can write a letter to Santa Claus - so he finds out what and who needs to be presented. Adult children write letters themselves, and for kids - their parents write what children want to receive as a gift for the New Year. The letter can be put on the window at night, and at night, the helpers of Santa Claus will take it and take it to the palace. After reading all the letters, Santa Claus opens his magic book, which says - how boys and girls behaved. And, if the book says that you were an obedient child, only sometimes naughty and did not obey, then Santa Claus puts on his fur coat, hat and mittens and goes for toys. You can not write a letter to Santa Claus, he will still bring you a present, because he is a magician.

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Дед Мороз выше всех похвал. Купили сначала снегурочку и вот теперь прекрасная сказочная пара. Покупкой очень довольны, спасибо мастерам за волшебство.
Не могу нарадоваться: настоящий Дед Мороз. Лицо прорисовано четко, детально, где надо добавлен румянец. Похоже на лицо живого человека. Кафтан - загляденье. Пуговички-бусинки, золоченая тесьма. Даже навершие посоха украшено. Цвета насыщенные, глубокие. Фотография на сайте всей красоты куклы не передает.
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