Handmade doll Empress Catherine II 29cm

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Height 29 cm. Doll "Empress Catherine II" in a luxurious outfit - a wonderful gift for connoisseurs of interior details. Handwork - interior doll with porcelain elements.
Height:29 cm
Doll type:cone figurine
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The doll is an image of Empress Catherine II - the legendary person who did a lot for Russia.

During the reign of Catherine II, Russia began to be reckoned with as a sovereign state, strong, powerful and peaceful.

The reign of Catherine the Second in the history of Russia is called the "Golden Age".

The doll’s luxurious outfit was made in the fashion of that time, with a blue monarch’s ribbon over his shoulder.

The doll will be a wonderful gift for people who are fond of the history of Russia and for lovers of beautiful interior details.

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