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Doll warmer on a teapot with a cup of tea in a green dress

Doll warmer on a teapot with a cup of tea in a green dress

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Original teapot warmer dolls have become a real talisman of the Russian tea drinking tradition.
Height:30 cm
Product Material:the cloth, insulation, porcelain (high temperature firing)
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April 17, 2021
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A doll on a teapot is a useful element of the kitchen space.

The teapot protects the warmth of freshly brewed tea with its full skirt.

 A great gift to any hostess.

Our dolls are handmade. We reserve the right to make changes to the appearance of the doll, while maintaining the overall style and meaning of the author’s idea.

The doll may be available or we will make it to order specifically for you.

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