Russian dolls socialite costume

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Souvenir doll Prince 33cm
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Doll souvenir Secular gentleman 33cm
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Doll Secular lady 30 cm.
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Doll Lady in a festive dress Masquerade
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Doll Lady in the hood winter 29cm
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Кукла Княжна, 28 см
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Handmade doll Pillar noblewoman 29cm
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Doll Moscow noblewoman 30cm
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Doll Secular lady in a lilac dress 27cm
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Intelligent ladies of the 18th-19th centuries in lush elegant costumes and with a luxurious hat on their heads always attracted attention.

The costume is made by hand and according to the sketches of clothing worn by ladies in the 18-19 centuries. All details are perfectly combined with each other and make the costume complete.