Bunny 43cm

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The height of the textile doll is 43 cm. A handmade toy will charm adults and children.
Height:43 cm
Doll type:textile tilde
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Ordered on demand
Ordered on demand
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A handmade bunny with long ears will enchant you at first sight. This cute creature will win the heart of a child, beloved girl, become a mascot for a loved one or decorate the interior of your room.

The bunny doll will become the guardian of comfort and kindness in your home. Will bring you magic and harmony, give tenderness and tenderness. Love has already been invested in the bunny, as this handmade doll has its own personality and gentle disposition. If you want to make a sweet and kind gift to your loved one - give the tilde to the hare.

The toy Hare is sewn only of natural fabrics. We make sure that our toys made with love bring you joy.

Our products are handmade. We reserve the right to make changes to the appearance of the doll, while maintaining the overall style and meaning of the author’s idea.

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