42cm Lovebirds

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The height of the textile doll is 42 cm. It symbolizes the strength and inviolability of marriage ties, the happiness of family life.
Height:42 cm
Doll type:textile decor
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Handmade lovebirds are an ideal couple, the personification of love, fidelity and happiness.

Of course, they are in love with each other and can not imagine their life alone. Kitty is in the safe paws of his beloved.

 She is so pleased, and he is glad and proud, holds tightly the key to their marriage bonds in his paw. Lovely, kind bunnies are always together and will never leave each other. This is the best gift for a couple in love, will serve as a guardian of their happiness and family life.

These domestic lovebirds will live in the house where it will be good. They will bring happiness, friendship, goodness and comfort to the family. In addition, it will be a wonderful interior toy.

An original gift will not leave anyone indifferent, seals will radiate good and peace.

Toy Seals is one piece. Sewn only from natural fabrics. We make sure that our toys made with love bring you joy.

Our products are handmade. We reserve the right to make changes to the appearance of the doll, while maintaining the overall style and meaning of the author’s idea.

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Мне Коты очень понравились. Аккуратно сделаны, аккуратно упакованы. Вовремя доставлены. По моей просьбе на сердечке была вышита надпись, которую чуть перепутали, только лишь из-за этого не ставлю 5 звездочек. И еще - коты получились чуть больше, см 45. Но для меня это не существенно. Спасибо!
Elena Alyabyeva
Заказ был выполнен быстро и качественно. Но...
Сама модель немножко не доработана. При взгляде на куклу, создается впечатление, что кот тоже в длинном платье или ночной сорочке, что подчеркивается кружевом по подолу.
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