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Doll Snow Maiden-blonde in a kokoshnik in gold 31cm

Doll Snow Maiden-blonde in a kokoshnik in gold 31cm

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Height 31cm. Snow Maiden in an old Russian headdress. Symbol of the main winter holiday. Handwork - interior doll with porcelain elements.
Height:31 cm
Doll type:cone figurine
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Осталась 1 шт.
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April 17, 2021
От $4.09 до $6.14
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Granddaughter of Santa Claus - Snow Maiden, Russian beauty from a fairy tale.

In addition to the cultural value that such a doll carries, it is also a beautiful element of decor in a house or apartment. A charming girl of Slavic beauty in a wonderful winter suit with amazing patterns and a soft edge - she will become the best decoration of the interior, which will catch the eye and delight with its beauty.

A constant companion of Santa Claus meets us in the kokoshnik.

Kokoshnik - an ancient Russian headdress in the shape of a crescent, is a symbol of the Russian traditional costume.

The face painted by hand on china looks really alive.

The Snow Maiden in the kokoshnik is an excellent classic gift for the main winter holiday.

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